Tuesday, July 12, 2011

rolling with the credits

I have a hard time walking out of a movie theater before the credits end.

Most of my friends know this about me.  It's just a thing I have.  It feels awkward to me, possibly comparable to screaming uncontrollably at a concert when a song pleas for silence or dancing wildly around a posh (and perhaps slightly uptight) art gallery.  And the awkwardness is only heightened by the discomfort I sense from those around me as they try to understand why I am still sitting there.  I am there because art deserves reflection and those five minutes are a gift.
For one thing, every single name on that screen had something to do with what just happened.  I find myself catching a name or two along the way and wondering who that person is.  How did they become a part of this?  What does their life look like?  How much passion did they devote to this project?  They probably deserve the credit they are getting.  Even more than that, though, I cannot escape the reality that whatever film I just gave part of my evening to had some sort of impact on me.  It doesn't matter whether I feel annoyed or sad or inspired, I FEEL something and really appreciate the time to actually process those feelings.  And they give you a mostly dark, mostly empty room with a specifically chosen song filling the void to do so...
I can't walk out on that.

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