Thursday, April 30, 2009

the rich yellow wall

Last night, I was aimlessly wandering around when I saw this yellow wall . Perhaps "aimlessly" is the wrong word since I was wandering with the purpose of finding something captivating to photograph. I just didn't have a specific plan. Back to the yellow wall. So, I see this restaurant, which has a beautiful yellow exterior with cool little green trees and plants with pretty red leaves right by the wall. On top of that, the sun was setting so the yellow was soaking up this warmth and vibrance that was simply incredible and the combination of all the shapes and colors was beautiful. So, I take some photos. Then I look at the photos. What I am creating with the camera is not what my eye is seeing. It's cool, but not what I want it to be. Then this person pulls up by where I am and looks at me funny, which was strange because the restaurant was actually closed and no one was around. So, I leave my "uncapturable" yellow wall and take the long way around the building away from the weird person sitting in their car in an empty parking lot. I was a little sad and about to leave, but I looked back and saw these birds fly out of a roofed area right by these cool lanterns and the sun slowly dropping behind the mountains. It looked picture perfect. It would have been so cool to take that shot, but the problem was that the birds flew away. I tried some bird calls to get them back, but it didn't work. Just kidding. I walked back anyway and began to notice that I was surrounded by pictures. There were the lanterns, tons of windows, lots of reflections, cool plants, a setting sun and lots of random interesting objects. And there was the yellow wall, of course. I took lots of pictures and I plan to go back. The most interesting thing about this little story is how much it reflects my life. As I wandered away, it struck me that this was the case. There have been lots of yellow walls along my journey. But it seems I somehow always manage to stumble upon the shot that I didn't see coming. Things never seem to work out the way I plan. Actually, part of the problem is probably that I dont really plan. But there are always opportunities around the corner. I don't know how the weird person ties in. Perhaps literally.

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