Friday, July 31, 2009

i just paid fees to not pay fees...and other reasons usbank sucks

A Poem

It all started in the city
no Wells Fargo, what a pity

A new account, a check returned
the wrong address, first time I was burned

Time goes by after the cry,
but then off to Peru I did fly

For overseas it is the best rate,
so again I buy, what a mistake

Now a balance I start to pay,
I did forget they have their own way

To lower the credit, I thought it wise,
but their sudden new rates I do despise

Moving, new jobs, taxes and snow,
and to them most all my money does go

A stolen wallet and a phone call
with their service, I've hit a wall

The first fee hits which is unreal,
so I make a huge payment to not have to deal

I'm in the clear until my worst fear,
a last minute switch,
fees they said they'd ditch

The online payment does go through,
it's supposed to be one, but they took two

The money they give back, but it comes at a cost,
What am I supposed to do, I'm at a loss

I call and I hold and I call and I hold
as fees pile up, this is getting old

They do not respond, they do not care,
they just want my money, at least a good share

I finally make contact, to a person I speak,
and that's where we come to the fees for no fees

Once this is over, once I am poor,
for me usbank will exist no more.

The End


Jeff and Janell Hirschoff said...

I feel the same way about United Airlines!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now, who else would write a poem about their struggles with a credit card company? Kudos to you my friend.