Monday, January 11, 2010

free me

I've had this song on repeat for the last few weeks. Joss Stone rocks!

…Cuz there’s something deep inside of
Me I’ve got to be
And if you find it hard to follow me
If I lose you in my jet stream
Then you only got to raise your eyes
And see me fly
Don’t tell me that I wont I can
Don’t tell me that I’m not I am
Don’t tell me that my master plan
Aint coming through
Don’t tell me that I wont I will
Don’t tell me how to think I feel
Don’t tell me cuz I know what’s real
What I can do
Something that you don’t see everyday
A little girl ‘who’s finding’ her way
Through a world that’s designed to break
All of your dreams
And if there’s one thing I would say to you
It’s that there’s nothing that you can’t do
Cuz it’s all about your attitude don’t let
Them get to you
And we are singing in our own voice
We can make that choice to be
To be free…

I'm having a little trouble with the player, so here's a link to the song:
Free Me by Joss Stone on ilike

If you are not familiar with Joss Stone, check out her music...she is amazing!

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