Friday, June 18, 2010

bite-size blahbittys

It's been a bit since I expanded on a topic floating around in my head, but there has been a lot of random stuff on my mind and I'm in the mood to share, so here we go:

Why choose to fail when success is an option? Good question, huh?
p.s. Success, in some facet, is always an option. Also, if you do "fail", that doesn't mean you are a "failure". Big difference. K. Moving on.

My strawberries are dying. I have been reading up a lot on growing them and I think it is happening because it has been too wet and too cold. (sidenote: currently in the middle of the wettest and coldest June in Portland on record) They are producing berries, but turning brown on the edges of the leaves. If anyone has advice, please do share.

I was listening to Sarah McLachlan radio on Pandora the other day and a Nickelback song came on. Seriously!? "I don't like this song" Click.

I don't drink enough water. I recently started tracking my fitness and nutrition with some friends on and it quickly became clear that I drink about 45-50 oz. of water each day rather than the recommended 64+ oz. This needs to change!

The things I am learning from doing my photo blog continue to amaze me.

Random pet peeve: I use public transportation several days a week at least and I really do not understand why people sit on the outside seat reading a book and pretend not to notice when the train or bus starts to fill up, magically forgetting that they have an empty seat next to them. I took this photo yesterday and you can see at least three people with empty seats next to them. There were several people standing behind me. What I wish I would have captured was the look of horror and annoyance on one of the riders faces when someone politely asked to sit by them. Seriously, the person standing in front of you paid the same price for this ride as you. Scooch over!!!

I washed my makeup brushes last week. It was gross. I will be washing them much more frequently from now on. I have been washing them with this somewhat pricey spray stuff, but I now know it was not getting the job done. I used baby shampoo to clean them this time and the result was AMAZING. Highly recommended.

This was pretty amazing: "what change can do"

Seriously, where do socks go!?

I have been listening to KT Tunstalls acoustic extravaganza CD on repeat for about four hours now. I love this CD, but it may be time to say goodbye, step away from the computer and get into a new groove for the rest of the day.

peace out

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