Tuesday, July 13, 2010

loving local flavor

Recently, I hopped off the lightrail and made my way once again through several park blocks to the farmers market. Once there, I sampled cooked greens, picked out perfect pears and chatted with the honey guy about huckleberries. Fresh colors invaded my heart as I let myself fall in love with this local scene. I am lucky to live somewhere that values local flavor. Aside from the abundance of farmers markets at my doorstep, there are hundreds of homegrown breweries, bakeries, restaurants, fruit stands and farms in every direction. It's not just fun either...it is fabulous. Eating local food supports the local economy, enriches a healthy lifestyle and simply tastes delicious. I recently read a blog post about some of the benefits of eating local food, so check it out, get out and take a bite out of life.
10 Reasons to Eat Local Food

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