Friday, March 20, 2009

jumping ahead?!

Last time I checked it was 2009. It is 2009, isn't it? Last time I checked, Obama was inagurated only two months ago, yes? And last tiime I checked, there are a lot of things going on all over the globe and enough in this country that we should be aware of and educated on. Yet the last time I checked the news, the highlighted story was about who would be ahead in 2012 if Palin runs against Obama. What!? I have several problems with this. For one, it makes me crazy! How impatient are we? The last election JUST happened. We dont need to talk about this now. Also, what if Obama doesn't decide to go up for re-election or what if Palin chooses a different path over the next couple years? The biggest problem I have, though, is that this is not news now. We should be reading and learning about issues facing us and how we can be a part of solutions. Or how about some positive stories that inspire us to action or simply make us feel hopeful for humanity? I must admit that it is fairly easy to get sucked into all the drama, but I desire to be an informed and involved person and all the highlighted speculation and sensationalism is making that feel like more and more of an uphill battle. !?!


Jen said...

Did you watch Obama on The Tonight Show last night?

Laura said...

I did watch actually...did you see that some people are freaking out now because he mentioned the special olympics when talking about his bowling skills?!

Jen said...

He lives his life under a magnifying glass... I'm just trying to trust him and focus on being a part of my community and not listen to all of this silliness people are talking about.